General Thyroid


Environmental Factors and Autoimmune Thyroid Disease

by W. Reid Litchfield, MD FACE | +Read More

Autoimmune thyroid disease has generally been considered to be a familial syndrome, but environmental factors can be a significant contributor to the development of these disorders.

What is a Normal TSH Level?

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TSH is critical in diagnosing thyroid disorders, as well as in the evaluation of the adequacy of therapy in patients with thyroid disease. Controversy exists with respect to what represents normal versus abnormal TSH.

Thyroid Disease and Family History

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Thyroid disease is often strongly represented in the family’s medical history. This article reviews the association between thyroid disease and family history.

Picking a Thyroid Surgeon

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Selection of a thyroid surgeon is more important than any other factor once a decision to proceed surgically is made. This article focuses on practical recommendations you should consider in selecting the best surgeon for your care.

Is It My Thyroid?

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The symptoms of thyroid disease are non-specific and develop so gradually as to escape detection for many months. This article reviews the process of helping patients sort out whether their symptoms could represent thyroid disease that needs further evaluation or therapy.